Award-Winning Amarr Garage Doors in Portland, OR

As a relative newcomer to the industry of overhead doors, Amarr garage doors have already built a solid reputation as a company building superior quality garage doors. Consumers Digest, a nonprofit product review and recommendation service, awarded three Amarr garage doors with their “Best Buys” rating in their August 2008 magazine. Specifically, their carriage-style of garage doors were honored, citing the fantastic parts for Amarr garage doors and their amazing flexibility in customization, energy performance and rigidity.

In addition, Amarr is on the forefront of new technologies as they focus on becoming more “green.” Offering a completely 100% recycled wood product, Amarr garage doors are good for the environment and even the steel used in their steel Amarr doors are made up as much as ninety-percent recycled material. Everything from shipping to packaging of their products is designed with the idea of lessening their footprint on the environment, and making the company more sustainable.

Partnership with the Weather Channel Validates Toughness

Having joined forces with The Weather Channel, Amarr asks the question “are you red flag ready?” through a joint campaign. While customers in the Portland, OR area really need not worry about the potential of hurricanes, many of those living by the ocean or in the gorge know how powerful the winds can get. If you are looking for a powerful, eco-friendly door to compliment your home, take a look at our selection of Amarr overhead doors and Amarr garage doors.