Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Parts Focus on DIY Features Which Provide Unmatched Accessibility

You are most likely familiar with Chamberlain garage doors that are professionally-installed; that part of the company operates under the name Liftmaster. Chamberlain focuses on DIY garage installation, and what this means for consumers looking for Chamberlain garage door openers and Chamberlain garage door parts is that you will be getting products focusing on safety and ease of use. And that is important, because our consumers in Portland, OR are knowledgable and can tinker with their Chamberlain door parts if they want to upgrade or make changes. Chamberlain realizes this and has specifically made their Chamberlain garage door opener parts easier to use and less dangerous.

Unique Features Define Chamberlain Door Openers and Accessories

One of the most consumer-driven ideas Chamberlain features is making the process of connecting the terminal to the control panels easier, requiring no tools at all! Some other enhanced features of Chamberlain garage doors include an infrared beam that prevents closure of the garage door if obstructed, an easier way to exchange light bulbs if they burn out, and a feature that automatically reverses the direction of the door if something moves in the door’s path. These features all combine to make Chamberlain garage door opener parts and Chamberlain garage doors easier to manage and beneficial to own for any homeowner in Portland, OR.